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Invitation to press conference about the Swedish midwife case 12 April

Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers cordially invite you to a press conference about the Swedish midwife case on conscientious objection for medical staff and its implications for Sweden and Europe.

The background of the case is that Ellinor Grimmark has sued the County Council of Jönköping for violation of her freedom of thought, conscience and religion, as well as her freedom of opinion and expression under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Ellinor Grimmark has been denied employment as a midwife at the hospital of Höglandssjukhuset and at Ryhov women's clinic and she has been terminated from an employment at the hospital of Värnamo. Ellinor Grimmark was granted a job as a midwife, with respect of her freedom of conscience at Värnamo women's clinic, but the County Council of Jönköping withdrew the promised work because Ellinor Grimmark had expressed her opinion in the media regarding abortion.

Senior Legal Counsel Ruth Nordström, Attorneys Percy Bratt and Jörgen Olson, will together with their client, Ellinor Grimmark, present their reflections on the judgement from the Swedish Labour Court, that will be delivered on 12 April at 11 AM. The press conference will be held in both Swedish and English.

Please join us at:
Location: Turkiska salongen (The Turkish Salon), Citykonditoriet, Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata 10, Stockholm
Time: 12 April, at 2-4 AM

To register for the press conference please send an email to info@shrl.eu
To book a personal interview with midwife Ellinor Grimmark or her legal representatives, Senior Legal Counsel Ruth Nordström and attorneys Percy Bratt and Jörgen Olson: Please contact rebecca.ahlstrand@shrl.eu

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