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EU ProjectS

SCANDINAVIAN HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYERS are partners in several EU projects. Our involvement in these projects started when we we “only” a non-profit and contiues today!

COOPERATION IN MULTI-DISCIPLINARY national and transnational networks is essential for us in our work. Through the EU projects we facilitate cooperation between authorities, legal practitioners and NGOs as service providers, to enable a better access to the legal aid and justice system and design and promote a transnational legal assistance strategy in and between origin and destination countries. We also work to  consolidate transferable knowledge and to share best practice from different countries.

“Justice is truth in action.”

- Benjamin Disraeli, 1851


Strenghtening Multidiciplinary Cooperation to Ensure an Effective Referral, Assistance, Rights Protection for Victims of Human Trafficking

March 2017 – November 2019


The aim of this project was to strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation to ensure effective remittance, assistance, protection of the rights of victims of trafficking in human beings and to improve victims of trafficking in human beings during the rehabilitation process and access to their rights. To design and promote a cross-border strategy for legal aid in / between different countries of origin.


Pro Victims Justice through an Enhanced Rights Protection and Stakeholders Cooperation

November 2017 – June 2019


The aim of this project was to strengthen the position of victims in the judiciary by exchanging best practices and transferring expertise as well as cross-border networks. During the project, the partners will design and promote tools that ensure that victims of violence receive help and know their rights when they gain access to the judiciary.


Enhance Professionals’ Knowledge for a Sustainable Refugees’ Integration

February 2017 – June 2018


The aim of this project was to increase the number of health / legal / social professionals who can provide specialized assistance in a culturally sensitive way to refugees, strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation between health and legal professionals in the EU, ensure knowledge transfer, best practices for inclusive integration programs among several EU countries, improves the integration process for refugees in the EU’s host society. 


Strenghtening Legal Knowledge for a Better Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking Rights in the Judicial Proceedings

November 2016 – May 2018


The aim of this project was to strengthen the legal knowledge of Romanian and Bulgarian lawyers, cooperate with prosecutors and judges to protect victims of human trafficking in court proceedings according to EU normative acts and increase knowledge of different legal systems among Member States (Romania-Bulgaria-Sweden-Germany) .