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Their father drowned in the Mediterranean - now the family is facing severe persecution in Sweden

We are now helping a Christian Afghan family who were forced to flee to Sweden after their conversion to christianity. The father and two of the children drowned on the journey across the Mediterranean sea. In Sweden the mother and her three remaining children are facing severe persecution. The mother and the daughters have been threathend with death and attacked several times. The persecutors have scratched the IS symbols on their door. Although the family has been forced to move the persecuters have always found them. The daughters have been scratched with knives, marked to have converted from Islam when they were on their way to church. The threats come from both the home country and also from countrymen in Sweden who threatens to cut their throats if they return to Afghanistan.

Yet the Swedish Migration Board does not find the family’s Christian faith to be genuine enough.
We are therefore appealing their case and if we are not granted leave to appeal we will bring their case to the UN’s Committee Against Torture and we need your help!

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Thank you!