SCANDINAVIAN HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYERS have a mission to safeguard and promote individuals’ rights and freedoms. We offer legal expertise, engage in court cases and participate in the public debate on human rights.

EXAMPLES OF HUMAN RIGHTS that we work to promote are:

– Freedom of opinion

– Freedom of expression

– Freedom of conscience

– Religious Freedom

– Right to life

– Right to fair trial

– Right not to be discriminated against, for example because of political or religious beliefs

– Freedom of Association

– Children’s Rights

– Rights of Parents and guardians

– Right to education

THE BASIC IDEA BEHIND human rights is that every human being is born free, and that all people have the same inviolable dignity and rights. Human rights are universal and apply to all people, regardless of country, culture or context. The human rights regulate the relationship between the state and individuals and limit the power of the state over the individual as well as establishing certain obligations of the state towards the individual.

HUMAN RIGHTS ARE A PART OF international law and the rights are documented in different types of international agreements, conventions and protocols. The international cooperation on human rights has been developed mainly after World War II. If a violation of human rights occurs it is primarily the government of the affected person that is responsible to ensure that the individual obtains redress.