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Migration and asylum law

We assist companies, employees and organizations in employment law matters concerning, among other things, recruitment, dismissal and dismissal. In addition, we help employees and employers in the process of applying for a work permit and applying to extend previously granted work permits.


Asylum means refuge. When you apply for asylum, it means that you seek protection in a country other than your home country. A person who is exposed or risks being subjected to persecution, torture or inhuman and degrading treatment in their home country can seek asylum in Sweden. An asylum seeker is in most cases entitled to a public counsel, a lawyer who represents him / her through the process free of charge. The asylum seeker also has the opportunity to choose which assistant to represent him or her. Notify the Swedish Migration Agency if you want one of our lawyers as your public counsel. The Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers represent asylum seekers on a daily basis as public assistants and are often wanted by individuals in these cases, as we have a very high level of expertise in the field. It is also possible to hire us privately.

We also represent individual asylum seekers in the so-called Dublin transfer to another EU country, as well as asylum seekers or former asylum seekers who are detained in Sweden. If you have been banned from returning, we can help you appeal this decision.

If you have been rejected in an asylum process, but there are new circumstances that have not been tried before and which mean that you may need protection in Sweden, we can help you submit a report of impediment to enforcement to the Swedish Migration Board. We can also help you appeal a decision regarding this. If you are granted a new trial, we are often appointed as public assistants in the new process.

Family connection matters

In some cases, individuals can be granted a residence permit in Sweden if they have a family member who is resident and has a residence permit in Sweden. This applies to close family members, such as your spouse or children under 18 years of age.

As a general rule, an application for family connection must be made from the home country and before entry into Sweden, but there are certain exceptions to the main rule. We can give you legal advice on the possibilities that exist for applying for a residence permit through a family connection, and help you apply for this.

Work permits

To be allowed to work in Sweden, it is required in most cases that you have been granted a work permit in Sweden. Applying for a work permit can sometimes be cumbersome and bureaucratic. We regularly assist clients and their employers in the process of applying for a work permit and applying to extend previously granted work permits. We can provide legal advice on the requirements placed on both the employer and the individual. Getting support and help from an experienced lawyer often contributes to a faster application process by making the application complete and correct from the beginning, which benefits both employees and employers. If you previously worked during your asylum process in Sweden with the so-called AT-UND (exemption from work permit) and your asylum application was rejected, we can help you apply for a change of track. The main rule for being granted a work permit is that the application must have been submitted and granted before entry into Sweden, but there are some exceptions, for example when changing tracks.


If you have received a permanent residence permit and have lived in Sweden for a certain period of time, and meet the requirements that are otherwise set by law, you can apply to become a Swedish citizen. We can give you legal advice regarding your application for citizenship. Our lawyers can also help you appeal a negative decision in an application for citizenship.


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