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SCANDINAVIAN HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYERS is a law firm and non-governmental organization that works to promote human rights and freedoms in Scandinavia and Europe. The organization is a member of the EU platform for Human Rights.


The firm Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers was founded in 2015 in Uppsala, Sweden. Our story, however, goes back to 2012 when 10 lawyers and law students, who were passionate about making a difference for people and working with human rights, established a non-profit organization. Together we started helping people in need, with a special focus on cases that involved human trafficking, migration and asylum. Our dedication to these issues eventually evolved into our involvement in various EU-projects in 2015. Since then, we have served as Swedish experts in four EU-projects, funded by the European Commission, concerning human trafficking and migration. The goal was, and still is, to collaborate with partners across Europe to work together to arrive at what is “best practice”, and thereby promote human rights and freedoms.


Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers offers legal assistance to both companies, organizations, and individuals. We safeguard our clients’ interests in the best possible way through efficient and competent handling.


We have extensive  expertise in human rights law and are often engaged in cases concerning human rights. Indeed, human rights is our passion and underscores all that we do, and we have extensive experience in a number of different areas of law, including migration and asylum law, labor law, discrimination , social law, family law and business law.


We also have a large network of lawyers in Scandinavia, Europe, and globally and also also organize lectures, seminars, training events and participate in the public debate concerning human rights.



At our firm we prioritize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as we believe social and ethical responsibility is of the highest importance. Through our PRO BONO-program we offer our skills, experience, time and philanthropic support to our local communities and global networks. We contribute when and where it is most appropriate, and where our support can have the greatest impact. 

An example of this is our free clinic, called “juristjouren”: every Thursday, our lawyers, paralegals and legal trainees are on location in St. Clara’s Church in central Stockholm to answer legal questions. We regularly receive questions regarding migration and asylum, work permits, family law, social law and administrative law, and we love to help!


Legal fee

THERE ARE  MANY factors to consider when determining a fee for legal counseling, including the scope and severity of work, as well as the length of time. Normally we will work from a fixed hourly fee.

INSURANCE – LEGAL AID can be paid through home and village insurance. Information about how legal protection is designed is included in your insurance terms. We will assist you with legal aid applications through your insurance company.

LEGAL AID IS a part of social protection legislation. Economic conditions and certain other conditions determine whether legal aid is granted. We will assist you with legal aid applications.

Please contact us if you need legal advice.

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