SCANDINAVIAN HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYERS  work to promote human rights and freedoms in Scandinavia and Europe. The organization is a member of the EU Platform for Human Rights.

WE HAVE EXTENSIVE expertise in human rights law and are often engaged in cases concerning human rights. We have a large network of lawyers in Scandinavia, Europe and globally. We also organize lectures, seminars, training events and participate in the public debate concerning human rights.

SCANDINAVIAN HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYERS prioritizes social and ethical responsibility in society. Our lawyers dedicate part of their time in our PRO BONO – programs, ie on a volunteer basis. Our work is based on Christian values and ethics, human dignity and the principles of natural law. The European Convention on Human Rights and The Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings.



Legal fee

THERE ARE  MANY factors to consider when determining a fee for legal counseling, including the scope and severity of work, as well as the length of time. Normally we will work from a fixed hourly fee.

INSURANCE – LEGAL AID can be paid through home and village insurance. Information about how legal protection is designed is included in your insurance terms. We will assist you with legal aid applications through your insurance company.

LEGAL AID IS a part of social protection legislation. Economic conditions and certain other conditions determine whether legal aid is granted. We will assist you with legal aid applications.

Please contact us if you need legal advice.

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