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EU project

Financed by the Justice Programme of the European Commission
The website of the EU project: http://project-ecjusticeprogram.prorefugiu.org/en/home/

Strenghtening Legal Knowledge for a Better Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking Rights in the Judicial Proceedings

Protecting the rights of victims of human trafficking – JUSTICE PROJECT 8686


Strengthening Romanian and Bulgarian Lawyers legal knowledge, cooperation with prosecutors, and judges to protect victims of human trafficking rights in the judicial proceeding according with EU normative acts, enhance knowledge upon different legal systems among member states (Romania-Bulgaria-Sweden-Germany)

Research Methodology:

Internal communications tools, annually meetings, emails, teleconferences, face-to-face meetings, exchange of documents, project website available for all national and foreign stakeholders, a dissemination kit prepared and available for multipliers to support their efforts to contribute to the project’s aims and activities.


  • Association Pro Refugiu Romania
  • National Institute for Magistracy Romania
  • Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers, Sweden
  • KOK-German NGO Network against trafficking in human beings, Germany
  • ECPAT, Germany
  • Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation