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EU project

Financed by the Justice Programme of the European Commission
The website of the EU project: http://erasmusproject.refugees-integration.prorefugiu.org

Enhance Professionals’ Knowledge for a Sustainable Refugees’ Integration

Erasmus Program Strategic Partnerships


Increase the number of health/legal/social professionals able to provide specialized assistance in a cultural sensitive manner to the refugees, strengthening multi-disciplinary cooperation among health/legal/ social professionals on the EU territory, ensure transfer of know-how, best practices on inclusive integration programs among several EU countries, improve the integration process of the refugees in the EU host society.


Research and studies, interviews with stakeholders and refugees, developing a study guide and a handbook, collection of a data base on a set of questions, inserting a questionnaire developed by all researchers.


  • Association Pro Refugiu, Romania
  • Caritas International, Belgium
  • Passage, Hamburg, Germany
  • Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers, Sweden
  • Association Trabe Iniciativas para la Economia Social y Solidaria, Spain





The project Enhance professionals’ knowledge for a sustainable refugee integration was implemented from September 2016 until August 2018 with the financial support of Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnerships Program.  It was coordinated by Association Pro Refugiu in partnership with Caritas International from Belgium, Passage from Germany, Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers from Sweden, Association Trabe Iniciativas para la Economia Social y Solidaria from Spain.
The main objectives of the project were: to improve the multi-disciplinary cooperation of social, psychological, legal specialists in providing assistance to refugees as part of the integration process in the host countries; to exchange information on refugee integration practices and programs that are implemented in Romania, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Spain.
During the implementation of the project, the following activities were carried out:

  • Develop a Study Report on the integration of refugees in Romania, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Sweden.The aim of the study was to highlight the existing programs, gaps and develop a set of recommendations which can underpin future strategies in relation to integration policies, programs. The publication is available on the project website in English, Romanian, German, Swedish, Spanish and Dutch.
  • Develop a Handbook for social-health-legal professionals supporting the refugees’ integration. The publication is available on the project website in English, Romanian, German, Swedish and Spanish.
  • Transnational project meetings in Romania, Germany, Spain, Sweden.
  • Joint staff training events in Hamburg Germany (April 2017) and in Brussels Belgium (September 2017. At each event attended professionals from social, legal, psychological domains from Romania, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Sweden.
  • Multiplier events (seminar in Bucharest Romania, seminar in Madrid Spain, seminar in Brussels Belgium, seminar in Hamburg Germany, seminar in Uppsala Sweden), organized in May 2018 – June 2018. At these seminars were invited to participate professionals from organizations and institutions that have competences in social, legal, health domains; professionals who are already involved in the refugees’ assistance, but also those who want to specialize in this area. Among the topics addressed during these seminars were: presentation of the project and of the publications, the need to improve the intercultural communication skills, the relevance of the multi-disciplinary team in the integration of refugees, the role of cultural mediators. The seminars had an interactive approach, presentations alternating with panel discussions, case study analysis, questions & answer sessions.

Further information on the project can be found on the website