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New trial regarding freedom of conscience – employment was withdrawn

After the case of Ellinor Grimmark the trial between the midwife Linda Steen and Sörmland County is now initiated.- In this case we have only claimed damages due to violation of her rights according to the European Convention on Human Rights, says Linda Steen's legal representative, Ruth Nordstrom, to the newspaper Dagen.

When Ellinor Grimmark, who, like Linda Steen, can not participate in the performance of abortions, filed her lawsuit she wanted both compensation for discrimination and damages for the violation of freedom of religion and freedom of conscience.

- Another difference is that Linda Steen actually had a contract agreement with the Sörmland County, says Ruth Nordstrom.

Would work two years after studies

The lawsuit states that Linda Steen got a contract employment at the women's clinic at Nyköping hospital in early 2014.

The employment meant that Linda Steen, who is a trained nurse, would be trained as a midwife, and that the County would pay for her education. In exchange, Linda Steen promised to work at the women's clinic for two years after completing her studies.

Withdrew the offer

A year later, when the officers of the women's clinic became aware of Linda Steen's attitude toward abortion they changed their minds and decided to withdraw the offer of a post at the clinic.

The lawsuit lists nine specific examples where Linda Steen and her representatives considers that there have been a violations of her freedom of religion and freedom of conscience under the European Convention on Human Rights, article 9.

The District Court dismissed the complaint

Recently the District Court of Jonkoping rejected Ellinor Grimmark's complaint against the Region of Jönköping. Ruth Nordstrom notes that the case also was mentioned during yesterday's oral hearing in Nyköping.


Do you think that your chances have increased, decreased or remained unaffected by the outcome in Jonkoping?

- There are reasons to believe that the District Court of Nykoping at least will consider the main issue – if Linda Steen’s freedom of religion and freedom of conscience have been violated according to the European Convention on Human Rights. The District Court of Jönköping never addressed those issues. At the same time, the court may very well be guided by the verdict in Jönköping.

In early January, both parties will make written submissions and after that a date for the main hearing will be set.


by Johannes Ottestig