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Human trafficking, sexual abuse and violence - how can we cooperate to make a change?

The #MeToo campaign has spread throughout the world and raised a huge debate, even in Sweden. How can we support and protect victims of sexual abuse, domestic and honor-related violence and human trafficking? How can stakeholders cooperate to make a change?

On November 9, representatives from Uppsala University, the police authority, lawyers, researchers and NGO:s will gather for a conference at Uppsala Concert and Congress. Even Elise Lindqvist - The Angel on Malmskillnadsgatan, the prostitution street of Stockholm, will participate.
The conference is part of an EU project, funded by the EU Commission, called Pro Victims Justice through an Enhanced Rights Protection and Stakeholders Cooperation, in collaboration with UFOLD, Uppsala University, Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers, Landespräventionsrat Niedersachen am Justizministerium Niedersachen, Germany, Center for the Study of Democracy, Bulgaria, Uniunea Nationala a Barourilor your Romania, Romania, and ASOCIATA PRO REFUGIU, Romania.
Note: Limited number of seats, only a few places left. Sign up for your interest in the conference at info@shrl.eu