Work permit and international custody case

NASTASYA AND HER daughter Alisa fled from a country outside of Europe and an abusing and violent ex-husband and father, and applied for asylum in Sweden. Their asylum applications were rejected, but Nastasya applied for a work permit in Sweden as an educated teacher and was employed. All conditions for work permit were fulfilled, but because her ex- husband still had the legal custody of Alisa, the daughter could not be granted a residence permit in Sweden without the father’s approval, which he refused to give. Because of this the work permit application was also rejected. Nastasya contacted the Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers who helped her sue for custody in Swedish courts. Nastasya won the case and was granted sole custody of the daughter and, as a consequence, they were granted work permit and residence permits in Sweden.

THE SCANDINAVIAN HUMAN RIGHS LAWYERS were able to make a significant difference for Nastasya and her daughter and their future.