The Case of Aziz

AZIZ IS A convert from Islam to Christianity and risks death penalty, torture and inhumane and degrading treatment and punishment if he is forced to return to his home country Afghanistan. He applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015, when he was 16 years old, but Swedish Migration authorities rejected his application. Aziz turned to the Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers to receive help to stop the expulsion and complain to the European Court of Human Rights.

AZIZ BELONGS TO the Hazar ethnic group and was born in Ghazni, Afghanistan. When he was 8 years old and after his father, who was a police, was killed by Taliban, the family left Afghanistan and settled in Iran. In Iran, Aziz began to doubt Islam and began to gain an interest in Christianity, but because of the environment, there was no room for him to explore the Christian faith more closely or to change the beliefs. Later, in 2015, when he was in Greece, Aziz converted to Christianity. If he returns to Afghanistan, he risks being killed by Taliban because of his father’s work, and to be persecuted because he has converted to Christianity. Because he belongs to the Hazar ethnic group, he is particularly exposed. Swedish authorities do not consider that the Aziz conversation is genuine or that in his home country he will be attributed to religious beliefs.
The Scandinavian human rights lawyers now work to take Aziz’s case to the European Court of Justice