The Case of Aqela

AQELA IS FROM Afghanistan and is currently seeking asylum in Sweden. She has been subjected to sexual assault, including rape, but can not tell the authorities in Afghanistan because she runs the risk being convicted of moral crimes. Her fear of the authorities is supported by the statistics that shows that a woman raped in Afghanistan is more likely to be convicted of moral crimes rather than getting atonement for the crimes committed against her. For this reason, only a small proportion of the rape and sexual assault committed in Afghanistan are reported.

AQELA IS PARTICULARLY vulnerable because she lacks a family in Afghanistan. When she became a widow, she was exposed to pressure, threat and abuse from men in order to make her remarry. We are of the arguing that Aqela is to be regarded as a refugee as she is at risk of being persecuted because of her gender in Afghanistan.
The case is under review at the Swedish Migration Board.