The Scandinavian Human Rights Committee defends the inalienable human rights of all people.
The Scandinavian Human Rights Committee meets in the capitols of the Scandinavian countries.
The Scandinavian Human Rights Committee publishes general comments on thematic issues.
The Scandinavian Human Rights Committee recognizes exeptional contributions regarding the defence of human dignity,
by its annual award; the Scandinavian Human Dignity Award.

For more information, please contact us via email: info@scandinavianhumanrightscommittee.org


Ruth Nordström LLM, is the President of the Board. Nordström gained a Master’s degree from Uppsala University, Sweden having specialized in International Law and Human Rights.
Reinhold Fahlbeck BA, JD, LLM, LLD, is Professor Emeritus of Labour Law at Lund University, Sweden and Adjunct Professor Emeritus of Law at the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.
Marianne Lidskog currently works as a Social worker and Public Administrator having previously served as Desk Officer in the Department for Multilateral Development Cooperation of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Kjell O Lejon PhD, ThD, is Professor in Theology and Religious Studies at Linköpings University, Sweden. Prior to his doctoral studies in Church History at Lund University, Sweden, Lejon obtained a PhD in Religious Studies from University of Carlifornia.
Rebecca Ahlstrand, LL.M, is a member of Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers. Ahlstrand gained her Master’s degree from Uppsala University, Sweden having specialized in Medical Law, Family Law and Human Rights
Dèsirée Lyckelind, Head of Administration and Financial manager EU projects at Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers with experience from the international aid sector.
Elise Lindqvist is a volunteer in the diaconal ministry of Klara kyrkan , Stockholm and an appreciated public speaker. For over 18 years she has worked with women engaged in street prostitution on Malmskillnadsgatan in Stockholm, pursuing a long-term goal of infusing hope into the lives of dejected women on the streets. The story of Lindqvist’s life is portrayed in her autobiography, “Ängeln på Malmskillnadsgatan” (Angel in the Red Light District), co-authored with Antima Linjer. Elise Lindqvist received the Scandinavian Human Digntity Award in 2013.